Patrice Peyriéras

Writting on Patrice Peyriéras ?

Where to start ?

Composer ? Arranger ? 

Conductor ? Pianist ?

All this seems to me very bland !  

Should I tell you about Patrice, alongside Barbara and Depardieu in "Lily passion" ?

About Le Quatuor, a triumph for many years ?

About his work with Michel Legrand on many occasions ?  


Shall write about his unusual roles in gigantic international creations ?  


Shall I tell you of his deep attachment and the privileged relationship that always brings him back to Tokyo "where one works so well", and where he leads almost a double life ?  


I met him for the first time when he composed a little song for Goldoni’s La Locandiera that Cristiana Réali and I played at the Théâtre Antoine.   


Then we met again for the creation of Dreyfus, with a libretto by Didier Van Cauwelaert, and music by Michel Legrand, in a superb staging by Daniel Benoin at the Opéra de Nice.  


Not content to simply come along with me for this Montand project, 

 he decided to share it ENTIRELY.  


Thank you Patrice !

Because... that’s who you are : 

 totally sharing in the enthusiasm, 

 listening to the other, requirement, research, 

 work, real work :  the one that poisons your life in rehearsal, 

 but suddenly gives you wings when you are in front of the audience.